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Application for Appointment as Panel Clinic

Thank you for your interest in our healthcare services. Here in Poliklinik Amalmedik group of clinics, we strive to provide the best healthcare services to move towards excellence as a team. We are expert in treating pain dan surgical cases on top of the normal outpatients cases.

Poliklinik Amalmedik was established in 2014 and currently we have 3 branches of clinic in the Klang Valley. With increasing efficiency and trust from customers, we are always in the process of expanding our practice and business to better serve our customers.

Our clinics are managed by a group of doctors who are fully registered, qualified and dedicated to our work. We offer medical and healthcare services at the primary care level and conduct health and safety education programs for companies in various industries.

It is our honor to be appointed as one of your panel clinic/group of clinics. More information on the services and facilities are attached herewith. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Dr Mohd Saifulhaziq Noorman
Managing Director Poliklinik Amalmedik

Interest In Our Healthcare Services?

List of Services

Pain Management Services

⦁ Ultrasound Guided Injection for Pain Management

⦁ Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) treatment

⦁ Hyluronic Acid Knee Injection

⦁ Regenarative Medicine Injection (Plasma Rich Platelet, Prolozone & Stem Cell)

Surgical Management Services

⦁ Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT/ORL) Examination & Minor Procedures (Earwax microsuction)

⦁ Minor Surgery ( Industrial Injury and Repair )

⦁ Excision & Removal of lumps, bump, breast lumps

⦁ Circumcision (Adults, Kids, and Babies)

⦁ Warts, keloid and Moles

⦁ Suturing

⦁ Wound Care

General Services

⦁ Nebulizer Facilities

⦁ Oxygen tank resuscitator available for treatment of acute emergencies

⦁ Pimples (Acne Treatment)

⦁ Pap Smear Examination ( By appointment with female doctors)

⦁ STD ( Venereal Diseases) Screening & Treatment

⦁ AIDS Screening

⦁ Blood Biochemistry and Serological Investigation

⦁ Blood Group Screening

⦁ Blood Pressure Examination, Interpretation and Advice

⦁ ECG Examination, Interpretation and Advice

⦁ Executive Blood Profile

⦁ Foreign Workers, Housemaids Screening Profile ( eg : FOMEMA )

⦁ Family Planning Counseling, Treatment

⦁ G6PD Screening for Infants and Children


 Selected Branches